“Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Let it Begin with you.”

Peace is the ultimate medicine for the collective. In difficult times, the call for each of us to be a light within the darkness urges us. Thoughts, prayers, and meditation can be the foundation for peaceful and effective action in changing the world around you. What can we do right now to make our world a better and more peaceful place? - We focus on cultivating and raising our own vibration by implementing these practices... 



that we are all one in the same. 

In yogic philosophy, the concept of Maya translates to illusion or the illusion of the Self. This speaks to the misconception that we are separate from one another; choosing to focus on the materialistic or superficial variables that demonstrate our differences and define our individuality. With the practice of Maya, however, we acknowledge, accept, and celebrate everyone’s divine energy, for we are all one in the same; we are all human Beings and we all need one another.  

Be a peacemaker. 

We can be united or divided. It’s a choice and humanity’s duty to use our intellect in combination with our heart to bring peace. Through our speech, we can heal or hurt, create joy or suffering, and open or close doors. As the song goes, “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.” So, choose your words mindfully and speak truthfully. 

Be in service for others, no matter how big or small.

Practice self-inquiry and take inventory of yourself and your life and determine what needs to be cleared so that you can be of better service to others. Ask yourself, what is your gift and what are you willing to offer of yourself to a world that is hurting? Find what makes you come alive, and then do that. The world needs more people who have come alive to share their strengths and passions.

Create space to process.

It’s far too easy to suppress what we feel, particularly if the emotions are unpleasant. Allowing yourself to feel encourages the process of reflection, digestion, and the redirection of your energy that manifests into action. When we invite ourselves to acknowledge how we feel, we are holding space for ourselves to process. Once we are able to hold space for ourselves, we can take this tool and apply it to our relationship with other people who may need you to be in service of cultivating space for them.