Walk as If You Are Kissing the Earth with Your Feet

 When people begin yoga, it is common for them to discover they have lost connection with their feet. For some, their feet can seem as if they’re at the opposite end of their universe. So, how can we reawaken our awareness to these two energy sources of connection? 


 Leave Your Shoes at the Door . . .

Inside our homes, it is valuable to walk barefoot whenever possible. Both for the sake of a clean house and to develop a greater feel for the surfaces under our feet, it is a good practice to leave shoes at the door. This Indian custom also draws an important boundary between the impersonal traffic of the street and the intimacy of home life. When barefoot at home, we can practice feeling all four corners of our feet, lifting our arches, and spreading our toes in the kitchen while waiting for their morning toast to pop or their tea water to boil.

 Going Bare is a Confidence Booster . . .

The practice of yoga postures can transform our relationship with our feet. Practicing barefoot, we develop a greater feel for the ground below us. As we become more intimate with our feet, they also become stronger and more mobile. When we begin yoga, we have little idea how confined and restrained our feet have been over the years. A lack of connection to our feet can be reflective of what we may be feeling: insecurity, instability, or disconnectedness. But a healthy connection to our feet has just the opposite effect: a sense of stability, safety, connection, and confidence.

 As we bring more awareness to our feet, we tap into a reservoir of potential energy. It is as if we are standing on wellsprings of life force that have been blocked by years of constrictive footwear, lack of use, and inhibition. Over time, we can eventually by uncover these two sources of energy that can keep us rooted!