The Cure of Crystals

Optimal health is an intricate balance of mind, body, and soul. Eastern medicine, specifically in India and China, has been utilizing crystals to accelerate healing since its earliest civilizations. In Ayurveda, it is taught that all disease begins when we are living out of harmony with our environment. Even in Western medicine, it has been proven that any stress we face can be internalized and manifested into major illnesses. Unfortunately, sometimes we experience devastating health issues that are indeed outside of our control. More commonly though, we are able to prevent poor health from manifesting through creating balanced energies, engaging in mindful repetitive action, and utilizing crystal energy.

Fact is, we each get one chance to love and honor the vessel that we currently inhabit. No matter your current routine, there is always room for improvement. Whether you are facing and a common cold, emotional pain, fatigue, or chronic pain, t crystals have been used by healers to alleviate symptoms and achieve total healing all throughout holistic history.


Which one resonates with you?

Serpentine for Regenerating the Body: Serpentine is an exceptional tool for awakening vital energy in your body and connecting you to nature on a profound level.

Where to Use It: Bury serpentine in your outdoor spaces, either in the garden or inside of potted plants, to stimulate their growth.

Moonstone for Goddess Energy: Moonstone is also known as a stone of feminine mystery and is powerfully tied to fertility and hormonal balance in women.

Where to Use It: Place this crystal wherever you desire more relaxation. Gently roll it over your stomach during menstrual periods. Keep a small tumbled piece in your pocket to keep your chakras balanced.

Hematite for Building Strength: Hematite is a powerful tool for strengthening the body and protecting your spiritual life, often used as a conduit for manifesting your desires.

Where to Use It: When placed in the corners of a room, hematite can create a protective spiritual grid. This is a great stone to keep with your regularly for its grounding energy. For feng shui practices, look for hematite that is carved into the shapes of an animal to which its qualities speak to you and that you’d like to embody, i.e.: wisdom, strength, agility, etc.