Why Everyone Should Try Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga integrates acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage techniques, all in one flowing, playful, and loving sequence. The focus on community, health, partnership, and trust. Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa are styles of yoga that have tremendous benefits for the individual. But what about our innate need for physical connection with others? Acro yoga is the perfect style of yoga that not only strengthens your body, mind, and spirit, it also strengthens your connection with your community!


What can one look forward to

when taking the leap into trying Acro yoga for the first time?

It improves your concentration.

In order to work closely with your partner or partners, you must consciously focus on maintaining awareness without distraction. Your partner’s safety, as well as your own, depends on your ability and willingness to read each other’s physical, verbal, and visual cues without much discussion.

It helps build relationships.

Finding unity within partnership promotes deep self-love, an increased empathy for others, and a shared respect for one another’s boundaries. Intuitive communication experienced as “knowing” leads to mutually enhancing relationships.

It lets you confront conflict head-on.

Whenever tension arises within a relationship, we usually circumvent it and hope it will go away. Whatever we ignore tends to fester and take on a life of its own, however, leading to needlessly explosive arguments. Acro yoga shows you that through opposing forces (i.e. push vs pull) you can achieve power through counterbalance, which allows for differing opinions as well as peaceful resolution.

It teaches you to make quick decisions.

The awareness of your body moving through space takes practice. Acro yoga trains you to master self-control without rigidly attaching to external circumstances because anything can shift and knock you off your center. You will fine-tune your ability to skillfully adapt to change as it arises while maintaining serenity and not losing your cool, which is what causes you to bail too quickly. You will walk that fine line between perseverance and non-attachment.

It brings you to surrender. When was the last time you paused to receive gratitude in your life? Often, life requires us to stay on a continuum of giving, doing and providing support to others. In order to practice therapeutic Acro yoga, one person does not shoulder all of the responsibility all of the time. You must allow yourself to give and receive in equal proportions..