Authentically Aligned for a Strong Mountain

Step 1: Stand proud with your feet hip distance apart. Feel your body intuitively bringing itself into alignment: the crown of your head floats over your tailbone, your hips stack over your hips, and strong ankles assemble themselves over grounded heals. All the while, spread your toes and dig them down, engaging in the firming sensation of all four corners of your feet connecting.

Step 2: Hug your quadriceps muscles around your femur bones with a gentle lifting action of the kneecaps. Imagine a line of energy drawing itself all the way up along your inner thighs to your groins. Continue to envision that streaming line of energy effortlessly travel through the core of your torso, the back of your neck, and ascend through the crown of your head. 

Step 3: Plug the heads of your shoulders and your shoulder blades up, back, and down. Become a witness of your body’s energy through the art of feeling and visualization: imagine the backplane of your body descending towards the support of the Earth: shoulder blades, tailbone, calve muscles, and heels are all anchoring you, keeping your present.  

Step 4: With gentle curiosity, begin to scan other parts of your body that you can begin to soften into the strength of your mountain. Soften your throat, unclench your teeth, ease your tongue onto your upper pallet, unfurrow your brows, and soften your gaze inward, towards your heart center.


Now breathe

into the beauty of awareness, alignment, softness, and strength all coalescing as you connect to your true authenticity.