3 Simple Ways to Cultivate More Joy

1. Seek Joy Within Rather than Outside of Yourself:
Western society influences us to constantly be seeking materialistic fulfillment that only exists outside of ourselves. However, when we reflect upon the truth of already having all that we would ever need within ourselves, we experience an abundance of joy. Whenever you're feeling the need to extend your energy outward, practice the mantra: "when I don't go within, I go without". 

2. Transform Judgement Into Understanding:
Transform your desire to decide on a “final answer” about a situation or person and practice looking for more information that will improve your understanding and expand your level of awareness. You can find joy in realizing that nothing is ever quite as black or white as it may seem and that there is always an opportunity to explore it further to find a deeper meaning.

3. Seek to Be Rather Than to Become: 
Practice enjoying the process of your journey, no matter how big or small your goal. We often struggle through the process with our eyes looking beyond the horizon, rather than savoring the experience of the journey on the way to the destination. Practice taking the time to reflect on what you have accomplished thus far, rather than looking at what still needs to be done - You're guaranteed to find joy and appreciate not only the process but most importantly, yourself.