Transcending to a Good State Through Contentment

“With contentment comes ultimate joy.” – Yoga Sutra 2.42

The Sanskrit root of Su translates to “good” and the Sanskrit root of Kha translates to “Space” or "State." A more literal translation of Sukha would be “Good Space” or "Blissful State". So, how can we tap into this blissful or good space? This Yoga Sutra referring to the Niyama of contentment or fulfillment (Santosha) that has the potential of tapping you into the infinite source of ease and grace. Santosha is a powerful practice which takes the mind away from past or future-oriented actions, bringing our full attention and appreciation into this moment - all the while trusting that the process doesn't need to be forced or rushed in order to manifest one’s intentions. 


Do you see how this practice can transcend us into the space of goodness or bliss? When we practice the art of contentment or finding fulfillment wherever we are in life, things begin to “roll” fluidly. The resulting thoughts and actions become very graceful and efficient, requiring much less effort to put into play. When residing in the present moment through the practice of Santosha (contentment), one’s efforts can be effortless. As a result, the journey is experienced with maximum wisdom and insight; making for a joyful, balanced ride with no need to struggle, fight, push, or strive.