Stimulating Creativity Through Yoga

The Unexpected Ways Yoga Stimulates Creative Thinking!

Most of us come to the mat to calm our minds and energize our bodies. It is from the energizing and the grounding that we find these creative possibilities. In opening up and directing the flow of prana through our bodies, we can unlock the channels of inspiration. Research has shown that many new practitioners report a “flowering of creativity” after taking up meditation, as well as an ability to see things in a different light and pursue new directions in life

4 Ways to Stimulate Creativity Through Yoga:

1. Discover New Perspectives.
Perspective is everything. When we create a sense of space through yoga, we’re able to break free from broken-record thought loops and see things from a more elevated (and less reactionary) vantage point. During inversions, of course, there’s a literal shift in perspective. But even in gentler poses, our practice can serve as an exercise in releasing limiting thoughts and creating new perspectives. It’s in that open and expansive mindset that creative ideas thrive.

2. Cultivate Stillness to Hear Your Inner Voice.
Smartphones and social media have a way of pulling our attention in a million different directions at any given moment. But on the mat, we can let go of distractions, shut out over-stimulation, quiet mental chatter, and find stillness within ourselves.

3. Disconnect to Reconnect:
When you're stuck creatively, one of the best things that you can do is to use your yoga practice as a time to disconnect from technology. 

4. Learn to Trust Yourself:
There’s no faster or more powerful creativity killer than fear. Yoga can help you move past the fear of expressing yourself and champion new ideas by teaching yourself to trust your own abilities and potential. Through a regular practice of trusting yourself, you can begin to gradually release self-doubt and insecurity. This allows you to come to a place of more pure self-expression—beyond judgment and approval-seeking. When you turn down the volume on our inner critic, you're free to take creative risks and find joy in expressing your authentic self