Cultivating Balance for Beginners

What challenges us the most is also the area in which growth in the most fertile and the possibility for growth is endless. This can also be said for one of the most challenging areas in the yoga practice: balancing postures. Whether you’re new to the practice of yoga or have been practicing for years, it is well known that the body can vary day-to-day or one side of the body may be more stable than the other when approaching balancing postures. With compassion and patience for yourself, it's important to keep at it and implement a few key elements when approaching balancing postures:  

Mid-line Magic


Are you in tree pose? Collect all of the external energy that surrounds you and draw it inwards towards your spine. Engage your standing leg by hugging your muscles to your bones and equally press down through all corners of your foot. As you envision a calm and strong force hugging your body, muscular and energetic engagement is the magic trick to achieving stabilization.

Gaze Over the Horizon 

If you’re finding yourself swaying side to side a bit, it’s important to connect to a point of focus that isn’t moving. It’s also imperative to not look down when collecting your balance because where your attention goes, your energy will flow in that direction – and you don’t want your energy to go down while balancing, you want your energy to draw forwards and upwards! Find a still point of focus or envision a serene off into the distance. 

Your Breath Is Your Anchor

When your breathing cycles are steady, your mind is steady. When your mind is steady, your body will follow suit. Although it’s very common to hold your breath or to breathe irregularly while you’re trying to focus, the evenness and fluidity of your breath cycles will anchor your physical and energetic body.