Conscious Breathing Equates to Liberated Experiences

Have you ever observed that when you’re breathing in a way that suggests consciousness, everything else that occurs within that experience is also heightened, maybe even liberated? Yeah, me too...

As we go about our day, we are subconsciously breathing. We wake up and don’t even think twice about whether or not we will inhale and exhale, it’s just expected, right? However, when something is expected, such as our breathing cycle, it becomes automatic, careless, or even mundane. Yoga teaches us that when we shift from subconscious breathing patterns to conscious breathing patterns, our bodies, our senses, and everything else quickly becomes heightened; we become more aware of what is going in our internal and external worlds – the experience becomes overall livelier!

It’s not a secret that the more you practice conscious breathing, the more oxygen and blood will flow to your brain and throughout your entire body. From that births a fresh perspective that infuses clarity and depth into your everyday activities – you’re no longer moving through life in an automatic state. The goal is to take what you learn on your yoga mat, out into the world; your world. But the opportunity for liberation becomes lessened when we are not being conscious of what we are doing in the first place. So, what’s a sure-fire way to liberate whatever it is that you’re doing? --  Consciously liberate each of your inhalations and exhalations.