The Power of Pause

Lately, I have been exploring the power of pause in my own practice as well as my teachings. I have arrived at the realization that the power of pausing is just as, if not more, imperative than the action itself. It is that sweetness between effort and release. Among many reasons, we arrive at the practice of yoga with the craving to create more space in our bodies and minds. 

This creation of space can be integrated into your practice with an intentional pause woven into your yogic breathing such as pausing between each inhalation and exhalation. The power of pause can also be integrated into moving sequences such as Sun Salutations; pausing between urdhva hastasana (raised hands pose) to uttanasana (standing forward fold). Even in the midst of action, there is always an opportunity to pause in between. When we pause, we are able to approach our next choice of action with the necessary space and clarity.