Train Your Mind to Choose Love over Fear

Learning how to consciously choose love over fear in every moment will add up to an overall improved experience of this life. Within every moment there lies a choice. A choice of the thoughts that one holds on to, a choice of the reactions that one gives a voice to, or a choice of the actions one embodies. And all of these moment-by-moment choices add up to create the reality that you live in. This is important to realize because every choice is directed by one of two states of consciousness – love or fear. And each choice one makes in thought, word, or action determines that individual’s experience of life.Practice Self-Observation and Self-Compassion: Therefore, two preliminary practices must be employed, self-observation complimented by self-compassion. It is helpful to ascertain why certain patterns of fearful, negative thoughts became established in the first place. Then we can hold ourselves in compassionate understanding as we walk through the process of inner change. It is also essential to acknowledge that, in fact, this mental shifting is an ongoing practice and not something that can be accomplished overnight. It is imperative to stay committed to the process self-growth through diligent participation.

Thinking Positive:

This seemingly simple teaching takes a lifetime to implement. It requires extreme diligence in watching the quality and content of all our thoughts, and the discipline to shift negative thoughts into positive ones, or fearful thoughts into loving ones, as many times as it takes to eradicate the destructive ones from our consciousness. The mind is often not a willing participant. It has the capacity to understand intellectually the value of a practice such as this, but hold a resistance to its actual implementation