Props are for every body and every level.

Using yoga props in your yoga practice is an efficient way to create safety, support, and accessibility, in any pose. No matter what style of yoga, physical ability, age, or level, props can open up a myriad of possibilities from the beginner to the well-seasoned practitioner.  

The Yoga Block

When purchasing a yoga block, know how much support you will need. Blocks come in either foam, cork, or wood material. Each block has its own level of density and support. You can adjust the block to your need throughout the class as all blocks have different settings: low, medium, and tall.

The Yoga Bolster or Blanket

Using a bolster or blanket is a very nourishing way to be supported in poses of restoration. You can roll up a blanket to create a make-shift bolster if a bolster isn't available to you. Make sure to roll the blanket firmly, ensuring sturdy support. Place along the spine for backbends, underneath the knees for seated forward folds or savasana, underneath the chest, or underneath the head in a reclined position. There are endless ways to use this prop!

The Yoga Strap

Do you have tight or tender hamstrings, shoulders, or low back? A strap is a wonderful tool used to make seated forward folds, backbends, and shoulder opening poses far more accessible! Straps come in a variety of lengths as well as are adjustable according to what you need in your yoga practice. You will experience how working with a strap can help deepen your stretch safely and enable you to release deeper into yoga poses. A strap with double rings is recommended.

The Yoga Chair

Are you healing from an injury that doesn't allow for a lot of physical activity yet? Are you in need of a prop that is even more supportive than a block, strap, or blanket? Use a chair at home! It's quite amazing how many yoga poses you can do while sitting in a chair. Recognizing simple household items as helpful tools for yoga is a beautiful thing. Working with a chair can transform your practice and allow you to experience deep opening in otherwise stubborn areas of the body.