The Art of Balancing For All Levels

Yoga is all about balance. Off the mat, it teaches us how to establish and maintain balance our lives. On the mat, yoga’s most obvious lesson in balance is the challenge of finding physical equilibrium; connecting to that space between effort and effortlessness. Here are 5 ways to enhance your balance each time you step onto your mat:

Establish Your Drishti

Drishti is a gazing technique where the practitioner focuses their attention and vision on one point; using this tool to connect to your sense of inner equilibrium.


Incorporate Yoga Props

Props may make it easier to balance as you build your confidence. Blocks are particularly helpful because they bring the floor closer when tight muscles prevent the deep stretches required for balance. The idea is to use props as tools to open the body and teach proper alignment.

Conscious Breathing

The breath is a powerful tool for balance as it steadies and sharpens your mental focus. It’s tempting to hold one's breath in challenging balancing asanas like half-moon pose, but this is when the breath is needed most! Keep the breath rhythmic, slow and deep with every asana you do. The breath can be strategically used to enter, hold and exit asanas. This kind of synchronization of the breath invites focus, steadiness, and smoothness of movement.

Mindful Transitions 

Always take your time when moving in and out of balancing asanas. Resist the urge to quickly transition from one pose to the next. This uncontrolled movement makes it impossible to find equilibrium in the final pose. Instead, move slowly and mindfully. Enter the asana with a sense of ease and you’re more likely to maintain that ease in each pose you do.

Accept Any Fluctuations

Physical stabilization can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. It may have been a piece of cake to hold tree pose for a minute yesterday, but today the pose is wobbly after only a few seconds; This is totally natural! Equilibrium tends to fluctuate. If one's balance is off one day, try not to get frustrated. Instead, maintain a sense of curiosity and playfulness -  be gentle with yourself.