Tap Into That Innate Light Within You That the World Needs

In this life there exists the constant of darkness and the Light, Yin and the Yang, the positive space, and the negative space. Although the coexistence of these dualities has a continual presence, cycles of subtle to extreme fluctuations can result in an imbalance. Since these opposing forces comprise of energy and we are energy Beings, we feel these imbalances on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. This can result in feeling overwhelmed with what is going on in our external landscape (our communities, our country, the world), as well as in our internal landscape (how we are affected by what we hear, read, and experience).

I ensure that most can attest to the imbalance of darkness in the world right now. When we are faced with the realities of the times, we may believe that as one person, such as yourself, can only do so much. Or maybe you don’t quite know where to even begin in order to infuse more Light into the world and restore those imbalances that you’re feeling.  If we’re not able to physically make a difference, we must stay aware of the fact that we can make a difference by using the most powerful tool we all have: our consciousness, our ability to think!

Similar to throwing one pebble into the water creating copious ripples, or the reverberation created by one strum of an electric guitar, one thought comprises of infinitely powerful vibrations that emit outside of you and can create change. This is our special gift that's always available to us when we feel overwhelmed or when we question our ability to be that Light that this world needs.

Begin with the Meta Meditation. You can do this meditation, sitting in the car, walking around your neighborhood, biking, or while doing errands. It just begins with one loving and healing thought either quietly or aloud. This meditation focuses on using the power of positive thinking (consciousness). 

Innate Light.jpg

How to do a Meta Meditation:

First, consciously send peace and love to yourself with each inhale and each exhale. Envision yourself receiving that Light of peace and love. Envision a warm, healing Light engulfing you, holding you. 

Now consciously say to yourself or aloud, “I send peace and love to those who surround me.” Envision the people who are physically around you and envision them receiving that same Light.  Now, consciously send the people in your community peace and love with each inhale and each exhale that you take. Envision yourself radiating that Light just by your thoughts.  Finally, send the people in your city, your state, and your country peace and love. As you do so silently or aloud, envision all of the world, as well as yourself, being embraced by a healing, peaceful, and loving white Light. If you can think it, if you can see it, then it is real. Now go and be that Being of Light that you innately are. 

By Jamie Lynn Fong