Are Our Conscious and Subconscious Beliefs Stifling Manifestation?

Conscious and Subconscious.jpg

My hope is that we all arrive at the truth of each of us is more than capable of manifesting the life we want. In order to do so, we must be aware of what we consciously and subconsciously believe; because honestly, they can differ greatly. As Beings who predominantly lead our lives with our consciousness; i.e.: "I am a woman," "I am a man," I want to buy a new house," "I want a promotion," or, "I want to find love." Sometimes we are so engrossed in the physical realm of our consciousness, that we aren't aware of our subconscious beliefs.  Ask yourself, is what you want to manifest for yourself being thwarted by the stories that reside within your subconsciousness?

Try this exercise to assess whether or not your deep seeded belief systems are conflicting with your ability to align with Universal energy and manifestation:  

Jot down what you want and what you believe about that want. Be honest with yourself and assess whether you're sending conflicting messages out into the Universe. If so, change your belief systems to better align with what you truly want in your life. Envision what you want and imagine it as the present. Your thoughts create your reality! * Misalignment of Energy would be: Consciously: "I want to buy a new home."Subconsciously: "I won't ever save enough to do so," or "I don't make enough money at my job," etc.  Alightment of Energy would be: Consciously: "I want to find love," or "I would like to find a loving partner." Subconsciously: "I am worthy of the love in which I desire," or "I am innately loved."