How Inner, Spiritual Work Translates to Collective Prosperity

At the heart of yoga, there is awakening through direct realization, transformation, and regeneration from within. The more we wake up, the greater our power as a whole. We genuinely practice for the benefit of all beings.

It’s truly in awe inspiring as to how yoga’s expanse throughout the world in the last 30 years. Yoga is celebrated by so many walks of life and this has generated an interconnected web of communication and empowerment. Yoga means “to yoke,” which draws us together and connects us more as a collective force. As we stand at the precipice of a world facing increasing amounts of crisis, the global yoga connection is rising in ways that we could not see 30 years ago.  

It is time to become more aware of spiritual bypassing and acknowledge our vulnerability and even the pitfalls of our practices. The “advanced yogi” is not one who can stand on their head or sit in meditation for hours. Rather, it is the one who can keep their heart open in the midst of conflict, turn toward their pain with genuine compassion, step into collaboration versus competition, and cultivate real intimacy with self and others. Yoga is so much for than the external (physical poses). It is about the internal landscape of the heart and soul of the yogi. 

Sometimes, the surface glamour of the practice can elude us from our deeper work and we unconsciously use the practice escapism. By turning toward our personal shadow, we can attend to the collective shadow in a more conscious way without so much blame, shame, and guilt. We release the name-calling and take greater responsibility for true transformation individually and collectively.  


How to Start Practicing Inner Work That Will Also Effect the Collective

How to Start Practicing Inner Work That Will Also Effect the Collective 

First, practice compassionate self-inquiry. Ask yourself the toughest questions and allow your heart to crack open in the most vulnerable ways. Explore what unresolved wounds you can lovingly and compassionately attend to. Do the work with honesty and diligence. 

With transparency, realness, and dedication, we become much more grounded in individual work and rise collectively in our transformation. With the rising tide of yoga all around the world, there is immense hope for humanity as a whole. Now is our time to yoke together, regardless of the style of yoga we practice. Yoga has been exalted in our lifetime so we can join together as a collective heart tribe in a grounded, conscious way that truly makes a difference in this world that we share.