Meet Our Spiritual Director

Yoga Shala is honored to introduce our co-owner and spiritual director, Biffy Cotter. She has opened up her life in service to offer Shamanic healings and intuitive guidance with our students and their families.

Biffy COTTEr

Yoga Shala’s Spiritual Director

There is great energy that moves magically in all of life. Opening to this energy, whether through practicing yoga, or experiencing a life change or crisis, something starts to stir from deep within. You may begin to receive insights, feel energy, see colors; the life you had planned *may* suddenly change and go in another direction. This can be exciting, and at the same time frightening.

We are not meant to go through spiritual growth alone! When the energy shifts or feels stuck, it is wise to seek support and guidance.
— Biffy

As a spiritual director and healer, Biffy can help you navigate through the waves of feelings and assist you on your path by being a direct channel for Spirit. Biffy brings 20+ years of spiritual practice and deep meditation experience with blends of shamanic healing modalities in her sessions. Her intuitive guidance supports in a way that expands beyond lifetimes, finding gems along your path that rebirth the soul. 

Services Offered by Our Spiritual Director:

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Spiritual Guidance Session

  • Ministry Services

  • Prayer Circles

  • Blessing Homes and Businesses

  • Visits to the sick and dying

Sessions or ceremonies with Biffy are on a donation basis. These donations allow her to continue her service work with the sick, dying and needy. However, Biffy is still called to help you if you cannot afford a donation. The suggested offering is $55-$225 and should not cause you any financial stress ... may it be a donation that gives you a joyful feeling. Any amount is truly appreciated. 

To book or for questions, call, text, or email