A Special Letter from Tyler

This has been the biggest year of my life and it is still expanding. I am extremely grateful for my life, community, and yoga practice, for with out yoga and the amazing and supportive people around me, my life wouldn’t be the way it is now.

Owning/managing the Yoga Shala, and continuing my deep and personal commitment to understanding and living yoga, have strengthened my resolve and trust in a creative manifesting power, and believe in the like minded people who want to contribute and share conscious community.  All of this has shed a light on my true understanding of Love, Power, and God, encouraging me to make the biggest stretches of my life, complete leaps of faith.

On September 8, I married my best friend and soul mate, Annie Fox. The amount of support  we have received has been amazing, and we have been humbled by the genuine Love that we feel from the wonderful people around us. It has been a mixture of emotions and experiences living, working, manifesting together, but the rewards of such meaningful work have been priceless and inspiring. In only 1 year we have worked together through 2 profound Teacher Trainings, 3 retreats, weekly classes, countless workshops, managing a studio, all while planning a wedding.  Again it has been commitment to a spiritual practice that calls on TRUST in the power of a supportive creative universe, and the personal power to channel it. As I look around the Shala, every day I see people doing interesting and exciting things in their life, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such people embracing life with the positive attitude of “YES”!

On November 23, Annie & I are going on our next excursion, leading a 2 week tour of southern India. Along side us will be the man who has been standing beside me this whole time; my best friend and business partner, Josh Pane. It has been his commitment to me & my dream combined with his pure love of yoga and community, that have helped create Yoga Shala Sacramento. Returning to India marks our 3rd pilgrimage to the origin of yoga and the birth of our  partnership. The end of the retreat marks my honey moon with Annie; a time for us to submerge into the adventure and romance of travel and love, and also pursue programs and experiences that will both strengthen our partnership in marriage & teaching. We will complete our trip with the retreat in Bali in March 2013. We are so excited to share our dreams and adventures with the Shala community, and creating exotic travel opportunities and unique community experiences is part of our Shala vision and business plan. So we hope that many of our friends will visit us on our trip away, taking one’s own personal adventure.

At this point, the Shala is the strongest and most stable it has ever been with the most impressive teaching staff yet. I have purposefully surrounded myself with amazing teachers who are my friends and loved ones. These people are my guiding inspiration, and are also an integral and supportive part of the foundation and feel at the Shala. One of these key leaders in this community is Biffy Cotter, who’s unconditional love has been filling our hearts for the last 2 years.  I am so proud to now call BIffy “sister” and “partner”, as her love of Yoga Shala has inspired her to invest & commit as a co-owner. Biffy will be the official on site manager while we are abroad. This officially makes Yoga Shala Sacramento a family business, and it is going to keep growing as we keep growing and evolving. Josh & I trust Annie & Biffy completely and believe in their creative roles with us on our executive team. And for me, it is such an honor to share the dream with each of these dear people who have changed my life in the absolute best ways.

Another key character in this whole story is Sukhbir, who has also been connected to me & Shala for some time. Sukhbir is a renown leader in this community, and a year and a half ago gave us the space where Shala currently is (Deep Art  & Yoga 2004-2011). She was at the dinner party the night I first met Annie, and she was at our wedding after party too. Now we are co-creating one of our largest collaborations yet.  We are so proud to announce to first annual CALIFORNIA SPIRIT FESTIVAL; a festival of yoga, music, dance, spirituality and food, breaking ground next April 26-28, 2013(www.californiaspiritfestival.com). This event will feature the dedication and talent of Sacramento’s yoga community, and leaders in the consciousness movement from all over the state. We have been building the foundation for Sacramento’s first major yoga & music festival, and we have reached out to all the studios around town. The answer has been a triumphant YES! It has created an epic movement who’s  center point is here in Sacramento, but from here it will expand the positive, loving vibration of community celebration throughout the whole state.
Again I am truly thankful as I look at what is directly in front of me: interesting & lovely people, a beautiful yoga studio space, deep & meaningful relationships, inspiring teachers, heart opening programs & willing students, and collective collaboration in this conscious community. The Shala team is fully committed to growing roots deep in Sacramento and stretching our expansiveness and experiences into the world. Together we will continue to grow as a community of like minded people who share a love for health, wisdom and good times.


Tyler Langdale