Be the way the world needs you to be.

Recently at La Guardia airport there was an accident with a Southwest plane. Something

Johanna Yungman Yin Yoga Teacher at Yoga Shala Sacramento

failed in the landing of the plane which resulted in a crash with individuals left scared and physically injured, not to mention the enormous impact of flight delays out of the busy New York City. I was with a friend here in Sacramento the day of the accident and within moments of the crash happening we found out about it because of access to our smart phones. Within hours of the accident there were videos posted on the internet from inside the plane, from the airport and countless articles with opinions and investigations already written about the incident. All of this was available to us simply by reaching into our pocket, picking up a small device, and entering a passcode.

The amount of information and stimulation that comes at us on a daily basis is increasing at an incredible rate, and has been increasing at this pace within the context of our lifetime.  However, the constitution of the human being is the same, our nervous system still operates the way it did when we weren’t as stimulated. Simply put, things are happening quickly around us and and our bodies are under stress as we work to process all of the information. The point of my words is not to introduce you to an idea that makes you feel scared, or small, or incapable, but to remind you of how much power you have. Our capacity to stay strong, graceful, and vital  is as available as this abundance of information and stimulation is. Our ability to keep up  can look like a variety of different ways for each one of us and I believe the perfect wellness cocktail has many different appropriate ingredients depending on the person. Whatever your practice is, allow it to fill you up with so much warrior life force that you are able to be unmoved and unshaken by the stories of pain that bombard us. The planet hurts sometimes, but the consciousness raised by your powerful practice is stronger that the hurt.

You don’t have to be numb. I’m not suggesting we ignore or dismiss, I’m actually suggesting the opposite. Healing comes from our capacity to feel, to practice, to commit, and to LOVE amidst the sometimes challenging times that we live in.  Being In The Flow is a Yin Yoga workshop where we will  practice yoga shapes that allow us to do just this.  As we hold shapes for longer periods of time we have the chance to experience who we are in sensation with the unique opportunity to be in that sensation without anything else to do. I hope to see you on August 17th but if not keep doing what ever it is that makes you feel free and alive. This world needs you that way 

With love and light,
Johanna Yungman

Yoga Teacher at Yoga Shala Sacramento

Johanna teaches Yin Yogaon Wednesdays at 9:30am & Sundays at 4:30pm at Yoga Shala Sacramento in Midtown at 2030 H Street. ⎜ 916.267.5262