From India, with LOVE…

Greetings to Our Yoga Shala Family!

We miss you but can feel your radiance all the way in India.

Well.. Our trip has been.. Amazing to say the least. India is indescribable in many ways. You have to see it or feel it to believe that a land like this exists. We left, what feels like a month ago but in “real” time was only 12 days. Time slows down in these parts as everything is so fresh and new– you have no choice but to live in the moment.

Lesson #1: it’s india and everything isn’t about faster, quicker, I want it now. It’ll come, whatever it is, but in its time, so, relax. And we have been. Learning to relax. What is all this hurrying about anyway?? Indians are remarkably easy going. They smile so big and the light they radiate from their eyes is breathtaking. And to the westerners that are addicted to comfort and speed, it’s like: ” What can they possibly be smiling at??”.

Poverty like nothing we see in the states. Trash everywhere, people living in rags and tin houses. Children on the streets with no parents begging for money expressing they are “low caste”! And yet, these people with seemingly no material wealth are brilliantly alive and genuinely HAPPY!!! It’s soooo fucking BEAUTIFUL! India is this grand mirror reflecting all neurotic selfish worries and complaints. These people actually have things to worry about and you know what their main mantra is??? Okay, no problem. And they say that with a smile and love.

This country breaks your heart (if you let it) and opens you to the purest, richest, most tender part of what it means to be human and divine. Only love!!! May we all be free, not the freedom that means I can have what I want but the freedom the unleashes the heart to give and give and give.

Love and Light,

Annie & Tyler