Immersions into the Self & the Sacred


Dear friends, loved ones, members of the Yoga Shala Sacramento community,

What an amazing trip this has been! We are now past the halfway point, and have hit 5 countries in 2 months (India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos). Each country provides different tastes of cultures, stories, sights, foods, experiences, heartbreak, history, and inspiration, to create a myriad of colorful pictures and memories. It’s a bit like when you first started practicing yoga asana, and you begin to discover new parts of your body only to realize there is so much more. In that way there is no final destination. It truly has been about the day to day journey, and the journey of discovery. The journey of realizing that life has abundant amounts to offer and its always here waiting for us to come closer. We have been asked to look at many aspects of what it means to be a human being in the global context. We are discovering on a deep level that every choice we make at home is connected to the larger picture of humanity. Every time we choose to lessen our “carbon footprint” it effects the whole greatly. Every time we choose compassion rather than judgment & hatred, the whole world can soften for a moment.

Even though this has been the trip of a lifetime for us, we are also very excited that in just 6 weeks we will be coming home – home to our life, love, and purpose in Sacramento. Coming home to such a supportive community of wonderful like minded beautiful people who make Sacramento a great place to live & work. As we’ve seen time and time again with old friends, when we finally do see you, it will be like no time has passed. True connection and friendship transcends all physical location, and we’ll pick up right where we left off.

It has always been our dream, and purpose of Yoga Shala, to “get Sacramento into the world and bring the world to Sacramento”. This dream is being realized, as we have been making meaningful and personal connection over here. We’re currently making plans to return here to southeast Asia on retreat, and have been extending invitations to our new friends to come visit us back home. For those of you who are ready for your next adventure, we will be announcing the 2013 Radical Retreats schedule soon – including a Thailand/Laos/Cambodia tour just after Christmas. It will be unforgettable to say the least.

We are currently immersed in the 2nd of 3 weeks of intense yoga training with Master Teacher Jonas Westring in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This training has been stretching our boundaries, touching our Soul, and reminding us in a loving way: our true love of & belief in practicing yoga, our deep appreciation for the beautiful benefits that it creates, and our inspiration to teach & share what we’ve learned. Yoga is truly transformational, and it’s brilliant in the way that it starts in the physical and over time melts into their heart. You can’t stop that alchemy from happening even if you wanted to. Already we are discussing all of the fun tricks we can bring back to you, and look forward to lots of fun on the mat in our sacred Shala space. It is as we connect with the global community that we are even more appreciative of our great community at home. It has been such a blessing to hear of all the positive events & classes, and to hear the good feedback from the teachers. This trip has been many learning lessons, but the constant reminder to choose TRUST over FEAR has been one of the biggest and most important.

After our next week of intense yoga immersion, we head to Bali with our dear friend Steve Gold to host a sold out retreat and participate in the Bali Spirit Festival. We really look forward to seeing our friends there & sharing the culture & beauty of Bali through such a heart opening and deep experience. These immersions into the Self & the Sacred truly bring about new freshness in perspective while stretching the boundaries of the body, mind & heart, and challenging one’s level of understanding of what IS. They are life changing/enhancing and priceless.

We humbly thank you for supporting us from a far on our journey and in our marriage. We miss you and look forward to seeing you around April 1.

Om Shanti Namaste

Tyler & Annie