Keep On Keepin’ On

Greetings Yoga Shala Family. Happy New Year!!!

I’m writing you from Koh Lanta, Thailand, where we are staying right on the beach, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Thailand is so sweet and EASY! But anything and everything feels easy after India! Lesson #3: India shows you how much you have. Don’t forget it and get wrapped up in the “it’s not enough game!” Life is SOOOO abundant, and blessings should & MUST be counted daily!

Yes. India speaks out loud and even more loudly! She penetrates you at your core, and that is absolutely her purpose! So… Here we are in Thailand appreciating the ease, the calm, the clean streets, the air and the ocean.

We’ve been contemplating the new year as this time inspires reflection.

2012 has been amazing in so many ways. Yoga Shala’s family grew in teachers and members, and the space is vibrating higher than ever. For that, we are so grateful! It wouldn’t be what it is without YOU! We know that and truly honor it. Thank you.

Considering the current state of affairs in our world, it shows us just how necessary our spiritual work is! Our own spiritual practice grounds us, heals us and reminds us that if we want peace “out there” we must cultivate peace “in here”. If we want the world to change, then we must be that change. So we must practice! And we do together in community, as well as individually as yogis. Every day.

2013 is what’s coming next. At Shala we are devoted to creating our lives, manifesting our destiny and spreading the good word: the words of peace, tolerance, support, truth and always in the name of love!

May 2013 be our living prayer. As this journey of life, keeps keepin’ on…

All our love and deep deep gratitude!

Annie & Tyler