Receiving Love is Giving Love

Greetings Yoga Shala family!

I am writing you from Phuket Thailand as our Yoga Shala retreat to India has come to a close.

WHAT A JOURNEY!!! India by essence is anything and everything but easy. And to lead a group through the wild beast is Absolutely Extraordinary. Tyler and Josh execute it with ease, grace, humor and flexibility. They held the group on their backs, in their hands and cradled in the grace of their heart. It was pure joy to witness the two of them at work. And work, they did. Like I said: India is not easy. You don’t go there to be spoon fed. You go there to have the spoon ripped from your hand, whether you know it or not. In that way India is an initiation.

Any initiation on that level, needs or requires fearless, fierce leaders. And leaders we had.

I’ve always been a little weary of being led. I’m the: “I can do it myself, thank you very much, kind of girl”. But India humbled all those childish notions of not needing help and support. Lesson #2: receiving love is giving love. How you receive IS how you love. The entire group received and received and received. Tyler and Josh are relentless in their ability to give. Whether it be an arm to hold while crossing the wild streets or a bag to carry or a 10 millionth question to be answered. They gave. Tyler would say: “Josh, you take the lead, I’ll take the rear and let’s go”. And, go we did. From, Varkala to NeyerDam to Pondicherry to Bangalore to Mysore back to Bangalore and oh yeah, a stop in Dubai. Our leaders led us, grounded us, held us, and taught us, not so much from their words but from the essence of their friendship and testament of their Soul.

Our leaders initiated us into India. And for that we are forever changed! Yoga Shala is blessed to be led, grounded and loved by these two gentle-men.

All our love!!!