Yin Yoga: Moving Beyond Fight or Flight

I have always had a fiery temper. In fact, I recall my father saying over and over to me as a child, “Jo, count to 10.” This was his way of encouraging me to take a moment before letting emotion lead me somewhere I would regret. As animals, we are hardwired to react. In primitive times and in the world we live in now, our reactivity is often required for our survival. This is called the flight or fight response and again, it is useful for many reasons. What happens, however, is that we get stuck in a pattern of operating from this flight or fight. We rush, plan, organize, speak and act as a way of maximizing our efficiency in order to be productive human beings and we end up in a constant state of stress. We move so quickly In order to keep up with our daily lives that we miss what it means to feel and process. The result is a body filled with stagnant emotions that don’t have the opportunity to surface so they stay and at a deep level have control over us. In order to balance this pattern of quick living we must take time for the practice of rest and digest. We feel so that we can heal. In this two hour Yin workshop we will take the time to move through poses with the utmost attention to ourselves. Practicing what it is for us to have sensation and stay with it, maybe even discover what it takes to find calm and ease when intensity is present. We will target the energy of the kidney meridian with long held forward folds and backbends encouraging our capacity for rest and digest. We will have the opportunity to “count to 10,” to catch up. I love sharing this practice because I feel its impact every day. Join me on the 23rd of March or entertain your curiosity with a shorter class. Hope to see you soon!!!

Love, Light, and a whole lot of Laughter,