The Stars Have Aligned!

We are so excited to announce that we are expanding and opening a second yoga studio. This has been a dream for Biffy, Annie and me for over 2 years- and finally the right idea and the right time are here and the studio is going to happen. 

When I first committed to yoga, it brought such a powerful and positive change into my life, and when I committed to taking a further stand by opening a studio, again the results have been incredibly rewarding and life changing. While I enjoy the physical benefits of my yoga practice, and I enjoy connecting with the lovely people in my class- these are not the only reasons that I am committed to practicing, teaching, and living a yogic life. 

My entire life is better because of the gift of yoga, which has infused in me the courage and strength to not only face but to transcend my deepest fears and self limiting beliefs. Because of the deep personal work that comes with a committed yoga practice, I am able to participate in a loving marriage with my best friend and soulmate Annie Fox, who is also my business parter, love teacher, and inspiration. 

By blasting out old beliefs of distrust and isolation, and stepping forward with conscious intention, I have been able to receive the gift of unconditional love and support from two amazing angels who are also my trusted business partners, friends, and family- Biffy Fox Cotter and Josh Pane. Together the 4 of us make up the Shala ownership team, and we are fully committed to walking this path together as beacons of light and love to our community. 

It has been all of the stories of healing, realization, and personal growth from the students, that fuel us and our work as studio owners. We have been so blessed by meeting so many amazing people through Yoga Shala who have made our lives better. Being a part of such an open-minded and open-hearted community of caring people, has been so moving, inspiring and healing for us, that it has moved us in the direction of expansion. 

So, is there risk and fear in opening, starting over, and trying something new- absolutely- but there have been so many blessings and benefits that we are confident going forward. Together we are committed to living yoga and teaching about the powerful forces of love, truth, acceptance and self examination while integrating a strong body, an open heart and a flexible mind. We are excited and proud to be opening our second studio near the corner of Arden & Eastern in the Whole Foods shopping center in Carmichael, where Annie, Biffy and I were raised and went to school. 

For us, it is a returning home, just as this practice brings us home to our heart and spirit each time we practice. We look forward to creating a new home for many more people to come and experience the wonders of this sacred practice. 

Again, we are so grateful and appreciative of your presence and support- it means the world to us. Details about the new studio will be announced next month! 

Wishing you prosperity and abundance 

in your new year.

Tyler Langdale 

& the Yoga Shala Team


Yoga Shala Sacramento 

(and now, Arden too!)