Let Your Heart Be Known


'"Let Your Heart Be Known!"- As cliche as it sounds, how often are we actually leading from our heart, living from our heart, speaking from our heart, creating from our heart.

It can be so vulnerable to expose what is so deeply guarded or emotionally protected, that it is often scary and unfamiliar to be totally honest, open, and willing to expose your heart's desires and dreams. This is the root of courage, as it takes conscious bravery to live and love fully- not being stopped by criticism, insecurity, or possible rejection.

I know that when I witness and experience someone who is so connected to their heart and its message, I feel respect and admiration for the guts that it takes, and I become more inspired to express my dreams, passions, and visions- which is not always easy to do. More and more I want to be surrounded by people who have chosen not to succumb to ego, fear or insecurity, and instead are creating their life from a place of love, creativity and courage.

Not only do I want to be surrounded by such inspirational and heartfelt people, I want to be this person and live this way too- the answer is to "Let Your Heart Be Known!"

California Spirit Festival is part of my dream, my creative passion, and my vision to be a part of an amazing community of like minded people- practitioners who want to come together to collaborate with each other and celebrate these sacred practices and gifts of good living. I love inviting powerful and inspiring teachers to Sacramento, and increasing Sacramento's  reputation as a hub of holistic health and progressive living.

As producer of this event, it is my goal to create a stage big enough to fit a variety of awesome talent, while also building a playground for self expression, education, and fun had by all.

All of the love, hugs, laughter and smiles from the event last year, coupled with the heart warming testimonies from participants, have encouraged me to continue on with this dream- in midst of all of the risk, hard work, and doubt- and again set the stage for an amazing weekend of yoga, music, dance, workshops, expression, friendship, and community connection.

I hope to see you there to share this epic event and make a memory that you will cherish forever. I've shared with you what is in my heart- I want to know what is in yours. Please tell me when I see you at the California Spirit Festival happening this March 29 & 30 at the Masonic Temple in Downtown Sacramento.


Tyler Langdale
Producer, California Spirit Festival
& Co-Owner of Yoga Shala Sacramento