Overcoming fears, excuses & obstacles

I remember the first time I ever signed up for a yoga retreat. I wanted to go to Thailand and I also wanted to immerse in yoga and myself. 

I found Jonas Westring online and after researching his website I asked my friend if she wanted to go - she said yes, and we signed up. I was scared to go. I had a list of excuses why I shouldn't go; I can't afford it, it's far away, I don't have the time, maybe next year... 

But when I listened deeper inside to what the truth of me was saying, I knew the only answer was YES. I want  adventure, I want out of my country, I want to explore other cultures and I want to see what unearth's inside of me when I step out of what I know and into this wild adventure. 

Steve Gold teaches: we retreat to advance. We step out of the life and circumstance we know and we dive deep into ourself, all the while learning from and with these rich cultures and lands we are visiting. 

Yoga teaches that all the answers lie within and yes, one does not have to travel in order to connect more fully to the divinity within however giving yourself the infinite gift of space, time and freedom invokes a very rich opportunity to explore what's possible when one steps out and into the world at large. Bali Bliss is an amazing opportunity to explore and connect to all the gifts retreating offers. 

Tyler, Steve and myself would love for you to join. All you have to do is say yes! The rest will happen effortlessly..!

Love and light,
Annie Fox Langdale
Yoga Shala Sacramento

Bali Bliss Yoga & Music Retreat

July 14 - 20, 2014 
with Tyler, Annie & Steve Gold

Cost: $1499  / Deposit $500 (applied towards the balance of the retest. Payment Programs available. Email us for details.