Foundations: Physical & Spiritual

Tyler Langdale, Yoga Shala Sacramento

A strong foundation is a key component not only to evolving your yoga practice, but most importantly to your personal growth off the mat. The term, "Root Down to Rise Up" is symbolic in so many aspects of life as it is also represented in each posture in a yoga class.  To access handstand, you must be fully awake and intentional in your hands, which begins with the moment you lay your hands on the mat. The same focus in table top, downward dog,  and crow will start building conscious strength right away and will lead you into your inversion. In another balancing pose, we purposely emulate the grounded qualities of a tree which can out last the whipping wind because it's roots are so deeply embedded into the earth.

Your yoga practice is there to cultivate and deepen your personal roots so that when the hurricane in your mind blows with fierce force, or earth shattering events occur in your life, you have a a strong spiritual practice to rely on for support. Both pranayama and meditation are very strong conditioning practices to train your mind to stay calm, but but the secret of these practices is only discovered in the rooted consistency of practicing. Therefore consistency is a crucial part of building your foundation, but when you have done the work, you will be able to relax a little more because Trust will have been established. So next time your are on the mat, really focus on strengthening the connection of your foundation because it will lead you deeper into your asana practice. And next time you are faced with stress, fear, or doubt, practice trusting in your self being taken care of by a loving source of abundance in order transcend into a place of peaceful calm presence.

By Tyler Langdale
Co-Owner, Yoga Shala Sacramento


Bio: Tyler has been teaching, leading, and coaching for the past 15 years. HIs passion for holistic health and spiritual wisdom has led him to yoga as a profession and way of life. He views his teaching as "platform for possibility", and in addition to weekly classes, he facilitates experiential trainings and leads retreats all over the world. He believes in collaboration and community, and has worked with many world renowned teachers and artist. He co-owns Yoga Shala Sacramento and is the co-founder of The California Spirit Festival. He is committed to bringing the world to Sacramento and getting Sacramento out into the world through conscious community and positive connection.