There are many things during the day that can cause us anxiety. An unexpected switch in a planned meeting that gets canceled or you find yourself running late to your massage. An email or phone call that puts more work in your day that is already full. The unexpected turn of events makes anxiety spike, the mind begins to race and anger starts to ignite.

How can we live Joyfully when every day seems like you're constantly needing to put out small fires?

When these "turn of events" begin to happen; STOP, and take a few deep breaths. Remember from your wisdom mind, that things happen for reason. There is your plan and then there is God's plan. This all is happening for a greater reason or to protect you. You may not see it in that moment, but know that there is a great invisible force working in your best interest.

The quicker you respond with your wisdom mind the quicker you will get back to your joy.

Blessings and Love,