The Call, The Whisper, The Pull, What Is It?

This gentle voice inside guides us to the most unusual places, people, and mystical experiences. “Can we trust it” whispers inside. Some people let it take them and trust it fully.

When it says “go” they go! Some will stuff it down and try to hush it.
What to do when you start to hear the whisper or feel the pull?

Do not be afraid, what you hear is a guide who knows whats best for you.
The path is named Unknown. You can take it now or later, but eventually you will have to face it.

The whisper or pull will nag until you embark!
Do not be afraid or get caught up in the why and how.

You will be shown everything when you surrender to the invisible guide.

It’s the Great Spirit calling you to heal, to show you a life of Love and Joy, to shine your Light and share your unique gifts to the world.
All you need to know right now is, what is calling to you, what is whispering, where are you being pulled?

Embark! Life is passing by fast.
Let yourself be guided, a magical life is ahead!

-Biffy Cotter