2 Most Powerful Words

Someone very dear to me needed some words to help relieve some fear and worry. The words I said to her were, “Right Timing, God’s Plan, Let it not be my will, but Thy Will be done.” These words helped her immediately.

Words can be sharp and cut you, they also can be like an arrow that goes straight to your heart. We must remember this! For words have power and energy. Our bodies absorb words all the way into our cells. What you think has a direct effect on your body and how you feel.

Take a moment, and think of the word “hate.”

Now, pause for a few moments, and feel how your body feels. Notice what happens in your heart.

Words that are negative have a direct response in the body. The muscles start to tense, shoulders roll forward and the heart begins to be squeezed. The blood from the heart begins to draw away from the heart and go to the large muscles because the message from the mind is negative.

Think of the word “love.”

Feel how your body feels. Notice your heart.

Positive words have a positive effect in the body and mind. Blood flows easily thru the heart and into the mind, muscles are relaxed and the heart opens energetically.

The body follows what the mind is saying. We can learn to control our thoughts, which is very powerful! We have about 72,000 thoughts a day. Most of these thoughts are repetitive so we can just let these thoughts go. Being conscious of our thoughts, choosing the ones we want to act on, replacing the negative thoughts with positive will keep the body and heart at ease.

I AM are the two most powerful words; it’s what you put after them that will shape your life.