Power Prayer

The mind can't always figure out things, there's a monkey in the mind so sometimes it's hard to decipher what to do in situations. There can also be a feeling of being torn apart- one part of us says, "do this" and the other part says, "no go this way." Confusion sets in and the mind races in circles. In times when you don't know what to do or how to help someone, there is the power of prayer. Everyone has a point of intuition at the third eye (space between the eyebrows) that connects to the Higher mind, Angels, Spirit Guides, Consciousness and God; it's your own panel of experts! We can sit in meditation pose, take a few deep breaths and ask for help. Then sit quietly and wait for the answers to our prayers to drop in to the Higher mind. You may receive a vision or a feeling instead of words during your meditation.

With Love and Light,
Biffy & the Angels