Sync Up with Summer

I hear this all the time, “I wish I had more time in the day.” Well now you do! It’s summer time and the days are longer. When we allow ourselves to fully sync up with the flow of seasons our body mind and Spirit feels harmony.

Why fight Mother Nature! In the winter I hear, “I wish it would stop raining.” Wishing things were different stresses our nervous system. Winter time though is a time to turn inward, go slow, connect with your Soul’s desires and visions for your future. Spring time is for planting seeds, working, putting things in motion. The fall is for letting go to create space for new growth.

It’s summer time right now! A time to celebrate the harvest. Reap what we have sown. Share in our harvest, spend time with loved ones. Play in Mother Nature’s playground. Her bodies of water are full; waterfalls are gushing, rivers, lakes, and the ocean are at buoyant to the edges. Sync up with the season of summer; take time out to sit, relax and enjoy the bountiful fruits and vegetables of summer, you deserve it!

Your body will thank you.

With Love,

This picture was at Echo Lake taken July 1st

This picture was at Echo Lake taken July 1st