A Special Letter from Tyler

July 7 marks the 7 year anniversary of Yoga Shala Sacramento and Radical Retreats, and I have been reflecting on the inspirations that lead to the creation of these two companies. While it might seem that a yoga studio and a boutique adventure outfitter might not be aligned or connected, actually there are a few quality key points that intentionally tie them together harmoniously.

The daily yoga practice gives us an opportunity to get grounded and clear, and an international adventure gives us an opportunity to travel and expand our horizons. It is once we are clear, then we can really tap into the power of intention, and sometimes getting away from the routines, roles & responsibilities that we can gain a better perspective on our daily lives back home. Yoga not only gives us a regular opportunity to tap into intention, but strengthens our body and mind in order to fulfill this intention, and engaging in the world brings the challenges to see if we are strong enough and focused enough to bring the intention to manifestation. So whether it is the grounding stability of the yoga practice or the exciting and expansive quality of international travel, the question is the same:

"How will you walk in this world?"

The self study and positive values found within yoga encourage each of us to be a better person- to be good to ourselves, good to others, and praise the goodness of God and this planet. We start by regular practice focusing on health and love within, then let this love expand outward to the community around us, which then continues to our global connections ultimately filling the planet with more love. As we continue to study yoga, comes the gift of understanding, and it is understanding which has been a driving force for me and my endeavors in life. Once I understand, I can teach and connect from relating and not just concept or theory. Once I understand, judgment can fall away to the empathic and compassionate relating to the human condition and experience. As we travel, we are given more opportunities to see how differently humans can live but also to understand just how similar we are, and it is this understanding that creates connection.

I love embracing my humanity and knowing that there is a spiritual silver lining to all of it. I love traveling and see myself as a global citizen and an ambassador of light in this world. How I walk the streets of Sacramento is also how I want to walk in every other country on this planet; with an open mind, open eyes, open heart, and open arms so that I can increase understanding and create connection.

I hope that you feel this inside the Shala and I hope that we can share an inspiration adventure with Radical Retreats. Thank you for being a member of our community.