Peaceful Anchor

Life moves so fast sometimes that our minds can spin in circles. It seems that life’s demands keep growing and meeting the family’s needs on a daily basis is getting harder not easier. How can we keep from feeling out of control and live peacefully? How can we protect our peace? Is there a way that no matter what life throws at us, we can stay centered, refreshed, calm and peaceful?


Lets look at peace for a moment. We can feel peace out in nature, walking along the beach, listening to the waves, taking a bath or enjoying quite time alone away from the bustle. These are wonderful experiences of feeling peaceful moments, but it is not the answer to living anchored in peace.

The thought, “I need to carve out “special time” for peace and extract it from life” is where our perspective needs to change. This is the answer we have been waiting for! Peace is not just “out there” or “on vacation” or in the “bathtub,” peace comes from within. You can be in any life situation and feel peaceful.

The key to staying peaceful in life is anchoring yourself to it. By doing a little self study and experiment you can figure out what your anchor is. My anchor is the slow deep breathing. When I start to sense a stressful situation, I stop what I’m doing and begin to focus on slow deep breathing. This calms my mind and nervous system and in about one minute I am back to feeling peaceful.

Just like anchoring a boat, your anchor needs to be strong and have certainty that it will not fail. Looking up at the sky or feeling your feet on the ground could be an anchor, just keep it simple. Experiment with what centers you, maybe it is a affirmation. “I am a peaceful Soul,” is a great affirmation.

Sometimes, we need to protect our peace. Just like when there is a cyclone storm outside, you have to close the windows and shut the doors so the dust won’t get in your house. When you sense a storm coming and you feel like you need to hunker down, imagine a protective bubble or orb of Light surrounding you and then venture out in your protective bubble. This only takes a few seconds to do and works great.

Peace is light and free.

Allow yourself freedom, do not be chained of your phone, emails and text messages. Putting the phone on silent, limiting social media gives us more time to live a life of joy and peace.

Enjoy peace each day now, it is within you. Peace be with you.

With Love,
Biffy and the Angels