Being Light

We are more than this body, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the job we have, our material possessions. There is something about you that is beautiful Light and pure, radiant like a diamond.

Namaste is seeing a Light of Divinity within ourselves and others. In some people, this Light is so radiant that when we talk to them, we use words like, “your glowing, you look radiant today.” Often people who are in love have a glow, women who are pregnant are glowing and any positive person will have a radiant Light.

The Light inside us has a dimmer switch. Due to hard life experiences our Light can become so dim it cannot be seen or felt. I have met people who look actually look grey because they have been experiencing a hard time.

There is always a way to ignite our Light again, even if it has been years of darkness. Starting with simple breathing exercises and moving your body; this will brighten the light. Taking a few moments to reflect on the meaning of Namaste; you are much much more than your body and your life circumstances, you are a beautiful child of God- pure love.

Here are more ways to brighten up,

Go do something new. Getting out of the same old habits; change things up, try a new coffee shop, take a hike on different path, enroll in a class you are interested in. Doing something new wakes us up to the present moment, gets the heart rate up and moves the stagnant energy. It won’t take long for the Light within to begin to glow again.

From a health perspective, simply doing the things that make you happy will keep the cortisol (stress) hormone low and the serotonin (happy) hormone producing. Staying connected to what lights you up, what energizes you, what brings you joy will brighten your Light.

Prayer: May we be the Light.

Jesus said, “No one who lights a lamp conceals it or sets it under a bed; rather, he places it upon a table so that all who enter may see it.”
May we Be the Light.
May we not allow others to dim our Light.
May we Be the Light,
radiant, shining like a diamond.
May we be the Light,
where there is darkness in life,
may we be the Light.
And may we see God’s Light in ourselves and others,
as the same Light
and together, Light the path of Peace, Love and Joy.


-Biffy and the Angels