Solar Eclipses

Wow, the solar eclipse was a wower! I sat in meditation and opened up to receive the messages and energy it was offering. There were many messages that the Angels downloaded to me. I will share them all eventually, but not all at once so we can soak them in and allow them to penetrate deep into your being.

The first message came the eve of the eclipse. The Angels said, “too many people are focusing on seeing the eclipse. You must also “feel” the energy.” Feeling it is more important! This way you can truly experience the deeper meaning and healing the eclipse offers.


Don’t worry if you didn’t feel the eclipse.

The healing energy was everywhere and it touched everyone and everything. The energy was a subtle gentle healing energy of Love. It was peaceful and brought a sense of calm and serenity to all of humanity. There was a stillness and present moment awareness.

Message #2

“There is nothing to fear. There is never complete darkness.” said the Angel.

A powerful teaching to remember! Blessings can be disguised sometimes. Let us not sink into the depths of fear! There is always something good that will come up to the surface of any hardship.

More messages to come……. stay tuned, and tuned in to your Soul.

With Love and Light, Biffy and the Angels