I spent last week in Tahoe. I have been to Tahoe many times, but this time was different, I didn’t have the kids! It was just my husband and I, so we spent the week beholding Tahoe’s beauty. We enjoyed the sunrise, sitting by the lake gazing at the water, hikes along the lake, the sunsets and simply just taking in the beauty of the trees.

Tahoe is full of redwood trees and I learned about the roots of these trees. The roots intertwine and fuse with the other redwoods. This interconnected root system makes the trees strong in the harsh weather and thrive for years.

The interconnectedness of the roots reminded me of yoga. The word yoga means “union.” We first make the connection to our breath and body, our mind, and the great union of our head and heart. Once we establish a strong connection to ourself then we expand this connection to others.

How can we stay strong like the redwoods and truly thrive even in harsh weather or the chaos of life? The Dalai Lama says, it is thru interconnectedness, not separating our selves from one another, but connecting as one global family. We need to let go of the thinking “me” and “they” to us and we, brother’s and sisters. Raja yoga teaches one global family as well.

An example of interconnectedness; imagine when you were a child and your mom was happy, when mom was happy the family was happy. But when mom was angry the whole family ran to their rooms, this caused division. When one person in the family is hurting, the rest of the family will hurt. When the tornados in Florida were happening, California residents were feeling the fear.

Interconnectedness is like the wind, it cannot be seen but it can be felt. The universal language that strengthens our connection to one another is Love. Scientifically this is proven by the Heartmath Institute. A smile can be felt and gentle touch brings people together. When our hearts stay open we have room for the whole world to become our family.


May we be the ones to put more good and beauty out into the world, May this goodness spread in all directions,
May our love be strong and our kindness felt,
And may this Love weave us together as One Beautiful Global family.


Biffy and the Angels