Living in Joy


I’ve reached a point of no return! I have one daughter graduating high school and one graduating eighth grade. My mind has been spinning with these endings and also the new beginnings. It’s a super busy time, but reflecting back I see that every year has been busy. I know that being a working mama I haven’t always been present with my kids or had energy to celebrate their milestones with much joy. It was always, “let’s get through this” kind of attitude. I didn’t allow myself to fully drop in to feeling joy because there was always so much to do. I want my next chapter to be different so I asked the Angels these questions, How to extract Joy out of life when it seems at every turn there are decisions to be made, beginnings and endings happening at the same time, life’s journey feels like an endurance run rather than a beautiful journey. How can I take back the childlike awe and playful presence in everyday?

This is what the Angels prescribed......

Remember these 3 things

Peace and God are around all the time, remember this!
Making conscious choices rather than quick keeps life with less troubles to clean up. Stay Mindful!
Reveals God’s blessings to you. Faith stays strong when you stay focused on all the good. Keeps fear from taking over!

There are 2 more things to remember as well, but the first 3 are the most important.

Keeps you in balance, stay near your center. Do your daily spiritual practice!
Soul is easily satisfied, doesn’t need much to be happy. Keep life simple.

Your birthright is happiness. Stay positive, happy people are positive and positivity brings joy. In joy there is peace and love also. Just like peace and God are in every moment so is Joy. Enjoy life by living “in”joy, stop waiting for it to come at a later time.


Love and Light,

Biffy & the Angels