Creating your Spiritual Altar

Creating an altar is a sacred way to call spiritual energies into your home. It reinforces your intention to invite more peace, serenity, and love into your space. It can be used for prayer, meditation, chanting, or just a place of sheer beauty and connection to the Divine.

Clear the space: 

Select a prominent space in your home, one that you will see regularly, to remind you to take time to meditate or pray. Clear the dedicated altar space with incense or a sage stick. Make choosing and cleansing the physical and energetic area a ceremony. In this way you are sending a message that you are committed to holding space for Spirit.


Select sacred items: 

Choose items that you feel connected to.

You may feel close to the elemental properties of nature or Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian deities. An altar may host a Buddha, Ganesha, Shiva Nataraj, Goddess Tara, Saraswati, a picture of Lakshmi, Jesus, Krishna & Radha, a Guadalupe candle, rose quartz and amethyst crystals, shells and feathers from around the world, or lots of candles and incense. Your altar should be full of items that you feel deeply connected to. There's no limit of items!


An intentional way to arrange an altar is to sit in front of the space and pick up each item that intuitively calls you,hold it in your hand and say a short prayer of intention to a deeper spiritual connection, and then place it on the altar. There is no right or wrong way to do this (let your heart’s intuition guide your actions when arranging the altar). You can also follow feng shui, chakra alignment, or directional design based on the elements. Light candles and place fresh flowers and fruit as offerings to your spirit guides. Once you create your altar, make a daily ritual to meditate or pray near it. Use the sacred energy you've created to remind you of your highest spiritual intentions as you start and end your day.