Finding the Alignment of Passion and Purpose

In some people’s minds, the words meaningful and work have little, if any, connection. Our culture has become such that we are encouraged to choose a career based on its ability to provide security and financial stability rather than an opportunity for alignment with our passions and dreams. The prospect of finding fulfilling work is believed to be relegated to the lucky few born with extraordinary talent, wealth or an unusual drive to succeed. Yet, there is no reason why these aspects of life should be mutually exclusive for anyone. Meaningful work is not just possible, it is your birthright.  Most of us have no trouble getting excited about the prospect of finding meaningful work—after all, is that not a dream we all share—to be able to support ourselves doing something we love and are deeply passionate about?  The problem lies in the fact that many of us have come to believe that it is simply not possible or wishful thinking at best. Yet, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Like anything in life, with the right knowledge and tools, anyone can be empowered to accomplish whatever it is they set their mind to. 


The Path Has Many Turns

Where you start and where you end up will be related, but still distinctly different. Most people won’t discover their life’s work right off the bat. As you begin to follow what you are interested in, you will find increasing clarity as you explore your Soul’s calling. It is important to embrace the uncertainty that comes with this on-going process. So long as you focus inwardly and trust your intuition you will be able to “connect the dots” along the way from point A to point B on your journey towards deeply fulfilling, meaningful work. The only constant in life is change and you would be wise to expect and embrace.

Integrating Social Responsibility

Making a contribution that extends beyond yourself can provide a greater sense of fulfillment and potentially even transform an otherwise less than ideal job into a form of meaningful work. One way to do this is by taking the initiative to create or join a movement that integrates social awareness and responsibility into the workspace. Not only might this add great fulfillment to your current position, it can also lead to recognition and promotions as people realize the value of what you are doing.

Engendering your State of Flow

Finding tasks that are naturally compatible with your abilities and passions, but also challenging enough to stimulate creativity and innovation, can result in an enjoyable state of ‘flow’. This state is characterized by intense focus, boundless energy, and total immersion in the present action to the point where time seems to dilate, either slowing down or passing much more rapidly. Try to identify situations, tasks or projects that help you tap into this state of flow and if possible, focus your time and efforts in this direction. Doing so can bring renewed meaning to your work and interest to the current position you find yourself in.

Creating a More Positive Environment

Participating in a work environment that cultivates a sense of community, encourages taking personal or group initiatives and provides an overall sense of freedom can enhance job satisfaction by creating feelings of belonging, self-worth, and confidence. This can quickly engender a new sense of community and comradeship and otherwise ‘stale’ workplace. Inspiration is always a catalyst for change and growth.

Passion and Determination is Unstoppable

Either way, it is important to remember that you are never trapped in a given line of work, despite how it may seem at times. Making major changes in your life may require you to summon great courage, but always know that where passion and determination align, there is little that can stop you from being successful in whatever path you ultimately pursue.