The Year of Yin

There’s been a prevalent theme in the year of 2018. And that theme is: The future is female. However, I don't think the future is female. Hear me out... This catchy phrase implies that there's an inherent imbalance between female and male, and such labels and categorizations serve to only further divide us. This is not the answer.

Truly positive change can come only when we are all-encompassing rather than exclusive. People assigned male at birth are just as capable of harnessing their divine Yin (or feminine) energy as those who are assigned female at birth. And therefore, this future isn't solely to be championed by cisgender women but by everyone willing to tune in to and embrace their inner feminine power. 

Historically, Yin energy has described the call to nurture, protect, and tune into your intuitive and compassionate side. Now, that is something everyone can and should do. It is up to all of us to balance taking action with sitting back; balance talking with listening; giving with receiving. This idea is epitomized in the energy of the Goddess.

Collectively evolved yin energy is predicated on mindful and acts as a role model for driving forward conscious change. Similar to that of yang energy or masculine energy unites people, nourishes other people's energy, feeds them wisdom, and helps them feel safe and secure. 

And for those who identify as masculine, tuning into one’s yin energy isn’t going to emasculate you. On the contrary, owning your intuition, emotional, and empathic side can make you a more in-tune lover, more emotionally intelligent in business and give you a more well-rounded perspective on the world around you.


How can we embody Yin energy in our day-to-day?

The most important trait of Yin energy is simple: love. Love is strength. Moving forward, let this be your mantra and see how it feels. Say it over and over to yourself and let it help you meet opposition with understanding, and lead with your desire to be of service. Help all. Heal all. Before reacting to stressful situations, remind yourself of the power of love. 

It’s time to stop hiding. It’s time to own your power, claim your voice, and tip the balance back toward a well-balanced future of both Yang and Yin energy. It’s no longer about man vs. woman. Commander vs. conqueror. This is a time for all of us to look for harmony and unity—to remove what has defined and divided us and activate our inner Yin.

Now more than ever, it's all about the energy and intention behind your actions. As a society, the past year has seen unethical, immoral, and unauthentic behavior called out. From the #MeToo movement to the wave of new voices entering politics, 2018 is shaping up to be a year of unity and compassion. We are all being made accountable to step up, support, and be the best versions of ourselves. 

Let this mantra—love is strength—help you be a force of good in the world, someone who shows kindness to random strangers. After all, these actions ripple in profound ways. Imagine how much change could occur if everyone took a little extra care of those around them, of the Earth around them.  If we were each responsible for simply serving our part by connecting to the power of Yin within each of us, we'd have a major catalyst for true and long-lasting equality.