2019 Forecast

2019 is the year of partnering with Angelic Holy Ones of the Spiritual realm. For lifetimes the collective mind has been perceiving the Spiritual realm as separate. This has caused much suffering for humans and our planet. We are now being guided to connect the dots by partnering up the earth realm with the spirit realm. In reality, these worlds are not and never have been separate, it was just the mind that made them separate.

The feminine has been on the rise and this means that there is a new masculine energy rising. The new partnership between us and the Angelic Holy Ones of the Spiritual realm creates the new paradigm shift. For many decades the mind has been allowed to rule, but now the heart becomes king. If you feel your world and work has been turning upside down, if your body has been aching in pain, this is why- the heart is taking it’s rightful place.

We have been part-time listeners to the heart wisdom. It’s time to be FULL-TIME listeners and stop ignoring the heart’s guidance. In 2019, the heart now rules and the mind becomes a servant to the heart. One of the medicines for the new year is heart breathing. With heart breathing we can keep the heart open and circulate healing life-force energy. With an open heart, your luminous light body ignites and whatever your doing becomes more powerful. Doing the heart breathing, keeps you present and from making unconscious choices that cause more fear and suffering. Do heart breathing whenever you want to create higher vibes.

A rebalance in you and your life will take place with the partnership of the Angelic Holy Beings. Patience is one of the medicines offered for 2019 and it may take some practice. We have been in a rat race for many decades, this merge with the Angelic Holy Ones will go at a flow-pace not a fast pace. With a meditation practice in place, many gems will be found along your path to support this new way of living and being.

Everything is connected!

Whatever you are doing will affect the collective and your work matters. Each job, may it seem small or big, no matter what wage earned, is and does effect the whole. Leveling yourself by the amount of money you make keeps you in your small self. This new year, release worrying about money, material things and job status. This “old” belief system of coming from a place of lack, fuels the fear and constriction in our world. 2019 calls EVERYONE to partner with the Angelic Holy Ones. When we do this there will be abundance for all. We will begin to see that every person and job matters equally.

You may have heard before, “all your answers are inside you.” When you partner with the Angelic Holy Ones when sitting in meditation or prayer, you will receive what you are seeking.

Meditation Visualization

Take a few moments here to visualize yourself partnered and encircled with Angelic Holy Beings……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

See yourself doing your work, but in a new way. You’re breathing a steady flow of breath into your heart, you have the awareness of your breath like a calm wave in your chest. You are fully focused on the work that is in front of you, dropping you into the present moment. You are aware of the noises outside but unaffected by them. There is a flow to your work and you feel it. The work you’re doing is not just done by you anymore, you have spiritual partners also doing your work. You are working together on the agenda that is the Greater plan connected to the whole Universe..

photo 3.JPG

You are holding hands

with the army of Angelic Holy Ones now and forever. Once linked, holding hands, saying yes to this partnership, it is a partnership that cannot be broken. In this holding hands with the Angelic Holy Ones, you will find that sometimes you will be doing the holding and at other times you will be receiving. It is a working together

To reduce fear, you will need to put yourself in quietude more often than you ever have. In meditation you can listen patiently for the guidance of the Holy Ones and feel the protection of the Army of Angels. Meditation illuminates the light body of energy within and around the physical body making a strong convergence partnership.

These are the medicines for 2019

  • partnership with Holy Angelic Ones

  • 3rd eye gazing

  • listening

  • patience

  • meditation

  • present moment awareness

For some people this is a new way of being. In reality, it is very ancient and has always been the way. It is the human mind only where the two worlds are perceived as separate.

The new/ancient world that is rising, the feminine that is rising in all of us, the new masculine that is being created, this is the calling that has been echoing and we no longer can ignore. Our hearts must stay open when partnering with the Angelic Holy Ones and linking our hands with the Angelic Army. This is the new and ancient paradigm shift.

Those that choose not to work in this way will have great suffering. In that suffering there will always be this medicine and at any time one can take this medicine and begin a new path. At any time they can open their hearts and hands to join the Angelic Holy Ones.

2019 will see more healing, collaborations, and activation of collective consciousness. It is the year of Love, abundance and convergence of the two worlds. A sure sign that the Angelic Holy Ones have become your partners, will be a sense of calm, being a daily witness to the beauty that surrounds, and a commitment to the new king- your heart.

With Great Love and Light,

Biffy & the Angels