Forever Found

The worst loss

is losing yourself.

Advertising lures us into traps

buy this, buy that

the endless hunger for more more more!

Botox wrinkles be gone,

freeze the fat,

We forgot the lines are the souls journey.

Headphones in the ears,

listening to music, podcasts, scrolling

minds are spinning

we can’t hear ourselves anymore!

The Great One from out in the wind whispers,

The worst loss

is loosing yourself.

To not hear your intuition

to not spark your inspiration

to not know your hearts yearning

to give your power away,

lost in a device.

The device is a drain unless

you are trained

to unplug,

to go outside and breathe,

then you can find yourself again

and again


hello body

hello breath

hello beauty

hello life,

Here I am!

I promise

I won’t lose you ever again!

With the touch of my hand

to my heart,

I’m instantly awakened

to not get lost


to be

Forever found!
— Biffy & the Angels