Overcoming fears, excuses & obstacles

I remember the first time I ever signed up for a yoga retreat. I wanted to go to Thailand and I also wanted to immerse in yoga and myself. 

I found Jonas Westring online and after researching his website I asked my friend if she wanted to go - she said yes, and we signed up. I was scared to go. I had a list of excuses why I shouldn't go; I can't afford it, it's far away, I don't have the time, maybe next year... 

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Let Your Heart Be Known

"Let Your Heart Be Known!"- As cliche as it sounds, how often are we actually leading from our heart, living from our heart, speaking from our heart, creating from our heart. 

It can be so vulnerable to expose what is so deeply guarded or emotionally protected, that it is often scary and unfamiliar to be totally honest, open, and willing to expose your heart's desires and dreams. This is the root of courage, as it takes conscious bravery to live and love fully- not being stopped by criticism, insecurity, or possible rejection.

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