Be the way the world needs you to be.

The amount of information and stimulation that comes at us on a daily basis is increasing at an incredible rate, and has been increasing at this pace within the context of our lifetime.  However, the constitution of the human being is the same, our nervous system still operates the way it did when we weren’t as stimulated. Simply put, things are happening quickly around us and and our bodies are under stress as we work to process all of the information.

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Yin Yoga: Moving Beyond Fight or Flight

I have always had a fiery temper. In fact, I recall my father saying over and over to me as a child, “Jo, count to 10.” This was his way of encouraging me to take a moment before letting emotion lead me somewhere I would regret. As animals, we are hardwired to react. In primitive times and in the world we live in now, our reactivity is often required for our survival.

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A Special Letter from Tyler


This has been the biggest year of my life and it is still expanding. I am extremely grateful for my life, community, and yoga practice, for with out yoga and the amazing and supportive people around me, my life wouldn’t be the way it is now.

Owning/managing the Yoga Shala, and continuing my deep and personal commitment to understanding and living yoga, have strengthened my resolve and trust in a creative manifesting power, and believe in the like minded people who want to contribute and share conscious community.  All of this has shed a light on my true understanding of Love, Power, and God, encouraging me to make the biggest stretches of my life, complete leaps of faith.

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