Letter from Tyler: Summoning the Courage to Share

Often when I have a burst of creative inspiration, it is followed by doubtful thoughts, "Will I be judged?".  

Often when I am motivated to share what's in my heart, it is followed with concerned thoughts, "Will they appreciate what I have to say?".  

Often when I stand up to be seen, I hear the fearful thoughts, "Is what they see good enough?"

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Let Your Heart Be Known

"Let Your Heart Be Known!"- As cliche as it sounds, how often are we actually leading from our heart, living from our heart, speaking from our heart, creating from our heart. 

It can be so vulnerable to expose what is so deeply guarded or emotionally protected, that it is often scary and unfamiliar to be totally honest, open, and willing to expose your heart's desires and dreams. This is the root of courage, as it takes conscious bravery to live and love fully- not being stopped by criticism, insecurity, or possible rejection.

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Attitude is Everything

It’s been 5 weeks since we left our cozy comfy home in clean California. We have seen and experienced so much that it is hard to put it in a package or comprehensive sentences, but we’ll do our best.

The lessons we’re learning are many and yet have a real subtle undertone. It’s like the contents underneath the sea are changing, but the surface layer still appears the same. In that way our conscious mind hasn’t completely caught up yet. The countries we are touring are confronting to the senses and confusing to our logic and knowns.

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Keep On Keepin’ On

I’m writing you from Koh Lanta, Thailand, where we are staying right on the beach, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Thailand is so sweet and EASY! But anything and everything feels easy after India! Lesson #3: India shows you how much you have. Don’t forget it and get wrapped up in the “it’s not enough game!” Life is SOOOO abundant, and blessings should & MUST be counted daily!

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From India, with LOVE…

Well.. Our trip has been... Amazing to say the least. India is indescribable in many ways. You have to see it or feel it to believe that a land like this exists. We left, what feels like a month ago but in “real” time was only 12 days. Time slows down in these parts as everything is so fresh and new– you have no choice but to live in the moment.

Lesson #1: it’s india and everything isn’t about faster, quicker, I want it now. It’ll come, whatever it is, but in its time, so, relax. And we have been. Learning to relax. What is all this hurrying about anyway?? Indians are remarkably easy going. They smile so big and the light they radiate from their eyes is breathtaking. And to the westerners that are addicted to comfort and speed, it’s like: ” What can they possibly be smiling at??”.

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A Special Letter from Tyler


This has been the biggest year of my life and it is still expanding. I am extremely grateful for my life, community, and yoga practice, for with out yoga and the amazing and supportive people around me, my life wouldn’t be the way it is now.

Owning/managing the Yoga Shala, and continuing my deep and personal commitment to understanding and living yoga, have strengthened my resolve and trust in a creative manifesting power, and believe in the like minded people who want to contribute and share conscious community.  All of this has shed a light on my true understanding of Love, Power, and God, encouraging me to make the biggest stretches of my life, complete leaps of faith.

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