New to Yoga?


What you need to know to take your first class

  • Arrive 10 minutes before class time starts to sign a waiver and get introduced to the space.
  • We have a wide array of pricing options, what we suggest for our new students is our NEW STUDENT SPECIAL $29 for 39 DAYS UNLIMITED 
  • At our Midtown location all of our classes are all levels and there are BEGINNERS IN EVERY CLASS SO, PLEASE DON’T BE INTIMIDATED! 
  • A beginner is safe to try any of our classes.
  • At our Arden location we have a variety of classes offered designed to fit the students level of ability.
  • You don’t have to sign up or reserve your spot for any of our classes. Just show up and pay at the door.
  • We have yoga mats if you need to borrow one. First time rental is free.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Our Yin, Kundalini and Hatha classes are 75 degrees and our Vinyasa classes are heated in the summer 80 degrees and in the winter 85 degrees.


99 percent of the practice is just showing up. Give yourself the gift of this life changing practice. We look forward to meeting you and we’ll see you on the mat.




  • tones legs, buttocks, triceps and biceps
  • aligns shoulders, pelvis, hips
  • builds self-esteem
  • facilitates fuller breathing
  • energizing and grounding


  • take a shorter stance
  • lessen the bend in the front knee
  • bring hands in prayer at center of chest
  • keep head looking forward



  • strengthens arms and legs, opens hips and shoulders
  • increases circulation to joints
  • improves digestion
  • creates balance, improves focus


  • place lifted foot with big toe on the ground outside standing foot
  • hold opposite shoulders or hands in prayer with forearms together
  • perform pose lying on back on the floor



  • strengthens back body
  • energizes the heart and circulatory system
  • massages digestive organs, kidneys, and adrenal glands


  • leave hands unclasped by sides
  • lift hips just slightly off the floor
  • place a blanket or block under hips

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step into yoga!  Yoga is an ancient holistic healing science which emphasizes breath and pose shapes, brings balance to every system in the body, and eases the mind.

Yoga Shala, meaning "yoga home,” is a warm and friendly place.  Our experienced teachers will show you where to set your mat up and give you all the props you will need. You will learn from the teachers about the importance of breath in each class and a sequence of poses tailored to the experience and strength-level of the class. The foundation of all yoga poses is breath.

The teachers offer stages to each pose, always beginning with the most basic.  Then, for those more advanced students, the teachers give more options. Take it at your pace while listening to your body. You can rest at anytime during the class. In fact, we love to see our students taking care of themselves by resting.

You can expect all ages, all levels, and all body types in most classes. The classes are designed so all students can feel comfortable practicing together and are taught by a loving experienced teacher.

On your first visit, please come ten minutes early to fill out simple paperwork. Bring a water bottle, and dress in any clothing you would normally wear when exercising. There is one bathroom — which you are welcome to use for changing clothes —  as well as cubbies to store your belongings. If you need a yoga mat we have rentals for $2, and more for sale. If you have any specific limitations or injuries, we ask that you let your teacher know before the class, and feel free to talk with your teacher after class if any questions or concerns arise.

"Have fun, and thank you for making Yoga Shala your new yoga home."

...Tyler & Annie Fox Langdale, Yoga Shala Owners

Remember your practice is yours, go at your pace, just showing up is success!

  • Yoga tip - remember to breathe, the most important aspect to any pose is deep breathing. Deep inhale through the nose, slow exhale. 
  • Yoga tip - When new to yoga, since our teachers walk around the room and are rarely up front when teaching, it is best to set your mat up in the middle or towards the back of the room. 
  • Yoga tip - Allow yourself to be new, to fall out of poses and have a good laugh, feel awkward, whatever it may be that day, take this yoga journey easy on yourself! We recommend to take a minimum of 12 classes or more during your intro special and to have fun!

Tailor Your Practice to YOU



In Yoga Class

You're your wisest teacher

New Student Special



99 percent of the practice is just showing up. Give yourself the gift of this life changing practice. We look forward to meeting you and we’ll see you on the mat.