reiki and shamanic healing

With Biffy Fox Cotter

Biffy, the co-owner of Yoga Shala, has a 14+ year background in the practice and teaching of yoga. She is a intuitive healer that works with 3 healing modalities (crystals, Reiki and Shamanic journeys). As a child Biffy had a strong sense of intuition and healing hands. She has been known for her healing hands as long as she can remember. Expect to have a transformative experience and to relax deeply. Biffy uses primoridial drumming to induce a theta brain wave where mind activity (beta or waking) mind activity is lowered. In the theta state, inner visions, self-realizations and deep insights can be revealed. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that invokes life-force energy. It is administered by hands and treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit. After your session you will feel many beneficial effects such as a renewed lightness of spirit,  clarity and peace.

Healing Session 1 hour $185

Spiritual Counseling 1 Hour $125

Please schedule your appointment by emailing or calling (916) 213-3051

Structural Integration Bodywork


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Ryan's commitment to healing has taken him on a profound adventure, one in which ancient and modern healing modalities meet. This has proven to be a source of inspiration, where on a daily basis he is honored to facilitate genuine and lasting healing experiences thru teaching yoga and practicing Structural Integration bodywork.

What is Structural Integration bodywork? Good question. As a structural integrator, Ryan focuses on releasing not just your muscles, but the special tissues that cover your muscles, tendons, organs, ligaments, and bones...aka your fascia! The pace is slower than a traditional relaxation massage. This allows your tissues to release deeply and fully, creating changes that last. Sessions are designed to meet individual goals of pain relief, fitness & health, or general wellbeing. If you are familiar with massage modalities, you can compare this style to Rolfing.

Please email Ryan at or visit his website to schedule an appointment: